Elizabeth Miller is ready to explore life outside of high school


     Elizabeth Miller is excited for life after high school as she learns to navigate the world, experience what it is like on her own, and to make her own decisions.

     She sees herself working in a hospital environment as she inspires to become a nurse. “When working in a hospital, you are never bored. That part is exciting to me,” said Miller.

     Miller shares that she plans on working the summer before heading off to college, as she wishes to make money for the coming fall. However is undecided where to start her academic career. 

     Miller is involved in College Credit Plus as she studies Art in the Western World, Pre-Calculus, and Introduction to Sociology at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. 

     Miller does prefer the MVHS campus to the MVNU campus. “I prefer the high school over on campus classes because I have more friends at the high school and I know more people there,” said Miller.

    Miller has faced obstacles and has overcome different experiences throughout high school. “Freshman year, going through a change in social and school work load was a different experience,” said Miller.

    Her favorite school memories are participating in the Hive. “At one of the boys basketball games, the theme was prep night and so my friend and I dressed up as frat boys. We had a lot of fun in the HIVE because the game was really close. Near the end, one of the players hit a buzzer beater 3 and won the game,” said Miller.

     As a multi-sport student athlete, Miller discusses how soccer was her favorite activity she was involved with. “I had so much fun doing it and I felt like I grew a lot as a player and as a person from freshman to senior year. This last year, I loved all of the girls so much because I could talk to any one of them about anything and they were always there for me. They are the best teammates I’ve ever had,” said Miller.