Caden Rowland finds his success on and off the court



Senior Caden Rowland is this weeks’ JJ Pick.

Rowland has spent a large amount of time on the courts and on the baseball field for the Jackets.

 “Being a part of the basketball team and getting to experience the HIVE cheering on for us, it’s a sweet experience,” said Rowland.

Not only has Rowland been an active member of our Jacket sports team but he has also been a leader in the Hive.

“It’s an unreal experience, I think our HIVE is unique and other schools don’t have what we have. I think we’re an engaging group and that we do really well showing out,” said Rowland.

High School has provided success for Rowland but he has also overcome challenges.

As a student athlete, Rowland participates in multiple college classes through Central Ohio Technical College.

“I’m taking Pre-Calculus, Composition one, Psychology, then next semester Composition two and Business Management with some at the high school and some online.” 

Rowland prefers being at the high school taking classes although he enjoys the flexibility of leaving.

Rowland has enjoyed high school and wants the student body to live in the moment.

“This is only about one fourth of your life that you’ve lived and you have three fourths left, so I think it’s important that you should enjoy what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve done, but also you can’t sit back and wish you were in high school again. You’ve got to enjoy everyday, enjoy every moment”

Rowland plans to major in business while attending college.

“I want to go into business first, so that can be my safety net. After that I’m going to go to law school. It makes good money and I feel like I’m pretty good at talking.” 

He shares that he has looked into schools such as Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, and Ohio University.