Devlin Hager as this week’s JJ Pick

Devlin Hager is this week’s JJ Pick.

Devlin Hager is determined to continue his education after high school after discovering his passion for exercise sciences. 

“I’m interested in physical therapy, I’ve been injured a lot so I have a pretty good idea of what to do, the whole process, and rehabilitation involved,” said Hager.

Next fall, Hager plans to attend college and major in physical therapy or physical therapy assistant, but has not decided where to start his journey.

Devlin spent the last four years as a member of the Yellow Jacket football team. In reference to a lasting memory, he talked about a specific memory on the field.

 “ We did this thing at the end of practice on Thursdays. It’s called thunder. We’d sprint on the field as fast as we could in six seconds and someone would have to kick the ball in the field goal and make it. And we’d never make it, so we would have to just sprint there and back, everyone would just be screaming at Jack, it was hilarious.” 

Hager has faced obstacles throughout the years as he was sidelined because of concussions from sports.

“I’ve had a lot of concussions and they’re not great,” Hager elaborated.

He comments that although the football season did not end as well as he expected, he is looking toward the track and field season.

Hager not only enjoys school sports but you can see him on the slope snowboarding.

In elementary and middle school, his favorite trend was beyblades, as it was a common collected item during that time.

Hager expresses that he is excited for life after high school as the coming summer he plans on going to Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands with his family.

His advice for future graduates is, “it gets easier senior year, every other year you really have to try as hard as you can, but senior year is not terrible.”