Kylie Parsons’ for this week’s JJ Pick


Kylie Parsons was chosen for this week’s JJ Pick.

Kylie discusses how her sports career is leading her to college while continuing her love for animal care. “I’m going to college to play basketball at The College of Wooster to study Pre-Vet to become a Veterinarian, I might play intramural sports,” she says. 

Some of the challenges that she has overcome were taking harder classes that she wasn’t confident in sophomore year while having little help from teachers. Her sophomore year helped her prepare for her college classes in Central Ohio Technical College. “I’m taking COTC Speech, COTC Psychology, and Advanced Composition.” 

She also shared a special connection with the girl’s soccer team in her junior and senior years. “I loved playing soccer and I had so much fun playing with the team,” she explains. When asked what her favorite memory was from school, she replied, “My favorite memories are sports memories with friends, winning or losing, bus rides home after games, and going to other sports games. One time at a boy’s soccer game I got a yellow card while in the crowd! We were yelling at the referee for bad calls.” 

Before heading to college, Kylie plans on going to Disney with her grandparents and spending time with her friends.

Kylie mentions she is ready for life after graduation as she’s prepared to experience things outside of Mount Vernon, meet new people, and try new things. 

Her advice to future graduates is “if you want to try something out, then you should just do it, especially in high school. Even if you don’t think you’re going to be good at it. It’s high school, there’s no pressure if you’re good or bad at something.”