MVHS Juniors and Seniors Attend Seminar about Post Graduation Options

During the freshman and sophomore MAP testing, the upperclassmen participated in a post-graduation career options course.

 On Tuesday, August 30th, Central Ohio Technical College advisor Nicole Thompson opened the course talking about career options involving COTC. Thompson discussed with students about the different majors COTC has, and how accessible the college is for all students. 

Following Thompson, Hunter Hamilton presented from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Hamilton talked about the benefits of going to a small college, as well as the many majors and extracurriculars they provide. After all the college talk, seniors switched with the juniors and made their way to the theater.

 Andy Fox and Karl Uhinck opened with a presentation from Kokosing Construction. They lead with a video presentation about the company and the many job opportunities that went with it. These include but are not limited to: nurses, mechanics, construction workers, and free lance laborers. They discussed with the students that trades like these are in desperate need of workers as many of the jobs population is beginning to age out. 

The last presentation of the day was with John Klaus with Ariel Corporation. Klaus talked about the impact Ariel has had on the Mount Vernon community, and the many people they have brought to the town. Klaus talked about the many opportunities with the trade at Ariel, as well as the many benefits with the company.

On Wednesday, speakers from Knox Technical Center, Knox County Career Center, and the Ohio National Guard came to talk about the senior program opportunities. From Knox Technical Center, Katie Connor and Amy Thompson opened the course talking about senior and post senior year options. Ms.Thompson spoke about their internship programs and the career opportunities following them.

 Following KTC, Keyara Murphy from the Knox County Career Center spoke with the upperclassmen about the schooling options during junior and senior year and the Associates degree program that one can achieve in those two years. She also spoke about the cost of community college compared to a four year college and even offered help with students’ federal financial aid forms.

 The final of our out of MVHS speakers was Sergeant Good from the Ohio Army National Guard. He spoke about the military college options and different branches for students to be able to begin in. Good told students of the career and payment opportunities for them starting at just 17- years- old and the jobs available for them to begin internships in. 

To close our career talks our Mount Vernon High School guidance counselors Eryn Fawcett and Myrna Kennerly told upperclassmen about their high school opportunities for their final years. They spoke about ACT and SAT scores and the importance of having a plan for post-graduation. They also talked about the diploma options and how to contact them to achieve these things.