Mock Congress Held for Juniors at MVHS

Jack Craigo
Mock Congress to be introduced at MVHS

Mount Vernon High School juniors had the opportunity to introduce, debate, and pass or fail five different bills. Mr. Glen Payton introduced each bill before the representatives. After discussions, the representatives voted on whether to pass the bill. After reading the bill, students were encouraged to speak for or against and offer amendments.

N22-1 – A Bill to Provide Healthcare to Low Income Families – tabled

J23-09 – A Resolution to Provide Free Feminine Hygiene Products to Public Schools – passed

022-4 – A Bill To Restore Voting Rights to Felons – passed with amendments

N22-13 – A Resolution to Recognize Natural Gas and Nuclear Energy as Green Energy to Benefit the Environment and Lower Gas Prices – passed

J23-22 – A Bill to Create Guaranteed National Paid Sick Leave – was not able to finish