A sneak peak at the book, It’s in Their Eyes



How many students in high school have been able to pursue their dreams while they are still in high school? For two Mount Vernon High School students, those dreams have become a reality. “It’s in Their Eyes,” is the title of the book that is going to be published at the end of October this year.
Hannah Hofferberth, junior, and Emily Jones, senior, have worked incredibly hard and spent countless hours editing, writing, creating, and publishing their childhood dream.
“One of the main things getting me through quarantine was working on this book. I could escape my room and explore a totally different world. The complex lives and relationships of these characters became something that I was super connected with,” said Hofferberth.
These two individuals have worked six long years to create this book, which features three separate story lines. Hofferberth and Jones have written this story based on a childhood game they played years ago. Through numerous late night phone calls, countless hours giving up their free time, and hardwork, their book is almost ready to hit the shelves.
These two students not only have written a book in their free time, which is not a lot, they are also involved in countless other activities. Hofferberth and Jones are also involved in Tack and Field, Cross Country, Marching Band, Global Scholars, Key Club, and more. Please be on the lookout for their story as they are excited to share their childhood game with you.
An excerpt from the novel – “We know that our pasts make it hard sometimes,” Michael said, now to the group at large. “But we have to forget that now. We have to move on. We have to work together to stay alive.”
Emily looked back at Ayden with sad, endless eyes. She could feel a tear bubble up and start to roll down her cheek. She took a staggering step back as it left a sticky trail on her face.
“I’m a monster…” she whispered.