MVHS adds Digital Art Back to the Curriculum


The Digital Art Academy that has been gone for two years is finally back! With 22 brand new mac desktops provided through a grant and the help of Dr. Dill, the career building, culture filled class has finally returned to the Mount Vernon High School.

 ”The world is a digital place; classes like this are the doorway,” said Mrs.Badger.

This course is a year long experience filled with enriched hands on learning, with new projects and opportunities every quarter. The class helps kids further develop their critical thinking skills, and teaches them how to use many modern computer programs such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop and other applications that could assist them on their future career paths.

 “Class makes us use creative and logical thinking to explore the world of art,” said junior Hannah Hofferberth.

Employers nowadays need creative minds which is why Mrs.Badger believes taking this class could help any upcoming or current high school students. Projects in this class promote teamwork and problem solving; characteristics that help set students apart from others as they go on to pursue jobs later in life. 

Increasing size of student bodies makes getting a career increasingly difficult, so why not take every opportunity to get a headstart on the future.